“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”
~ Og Mandino

I have been watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood lately. In later episodes, I believe 52 and 53, one of the main characters is faced with vengeance. His relentless pursuit to find the one who killed a friend of his and to kill them in return.

It reminds of a time where I was so consumed by my own darkness and I could even remember what that felt like. I had a daydream of sorts in which that part of me reveals itself to being very much alive within. But at the same time, it has none of its power. Anyone who’s seen the episode’s know what the killer is and what it’s true power was.

It’s power comes from manipulating feelings. Convincing someone to do something that only feeds their hatred. Holding on to that darkness and letting it consume you is where it gets its power. Not the darkness itself but the obsession of thoughts and feelings that you put value into.

Watching these episodes, and having my daydream, showed me a past that I have out grown. By comparison, I have learned just how much I have let go of the things that do not matter in life and how pointless those hangups were.

The truest gift of darkness is showing you just how bright your light can glow.

“I will love th…


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