The calm before the storm; This is going to be an interesting Month

Today has been a very peaceful day for me. I am relaxed and feel good. I’ve been getting a feeling about this next month being interesting. And I realize it all starts tomorrow with where I am traveling to, and what I’ll be doing there. There is a whole scope of things coming this next month that has yet to reveal itself to me.

I just know tomorrow will be the start of something big. I could feel that last month/ the current month was going to be good and it has in many ways. The word “interesting” is loaded with a lot of good, but I feel a lot of unexpected good coming from it as well. With change there is always something new presented, and that’s what I feel coming. Something new. 

So I will face this new challenge, it’s going to be a challenge, with open arms, and open mind, and I will do my best with it. That’s all I can ask of myself.


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