Ducky tie

Ted: Don’t go…I’m sorry…I just….Why didn’t I say it then? Why did I let you get on that plane? Why didn’t I get on it with you? What would our lives be right now if we just…held on? Would I have still run into you at this party tonight….or would we have been there together? We’d go home…to our home. You cook. I do the dishes. I’m happy that you’re happy. But dammit, what if?

Victoria: Do you really want to know the answer to that?

Ted: No, I think it would kill me.

Victoria: Goodbye, Ted.

Ted: Ok, yes. What’s the answer?

Victoria: There is a reason that it didn’t work out between you and me, but it’s not Germany. And I’m willing to bet it’s the same reason none of your other relationships in the last six years have lasted either. It’s Robin.

Ted: No.

Victoria: Yes. She is so much bigger in your world than you realize. And this thing that you’re all doing, you and Barney and Robin, where the three of you hang out at the bar night in, night out, like you’re all just buddies? That doesn’t work, trust me. I’m right about this. Goodbye, Ted.

Future Ted: And sure enough, she was right. It didn’t work. We just didn’t realize it yet.

I’ve noticed a pattern lately with people. They hang on to bad relationships. I’ve watched someone ruin a relationship with someone else over an ex they can’t stop crawling back to. They also ruined their friendship with me because of it. It’s not the first time it’s happened and I can see that very set up in front of my eyes now.

I know this girl likes me, but she’s very distant. I’ve extended my hand to her to hang out, but she ignores it. The last time I tried, she didn’t bother to even say “Sorry, can’t make it.”

Her way of interacting with me after silence the night before is to click like on a bitstips comic I made, making fun of the heart shape. She also posts pictures of her hanging out with a douchebag ex. I’ve been down this road before. I don’t care to see the “Dead End” sign. She even texted me tonight, letting me know shes out at the same bar I met her at. I already decided to stay in. 

I’m not going to walk into that situation again. I don’t want to get hurt because someone else can’t let go of their past. Just putting the effort to hang out with her has been too much, while she hangs out with others at the drop of a hat.


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