The more I learn…

The more I learn about American history, and I don’t just mean what we like to tell ourselves, but what actually happened, The more I understand why it’s the most ludicrous of people who take pride in being american. To be a self proclaimed ignorant hick, and be proud of that fact, is just another example of the true hideousness of america. As I’ve come to learn of Victors law, we wrote our history as we needed to be the good guys in our battles. We crucify nazi germany for the death toll on the Jewish community, but America’s genocidal attack on the Native People in what is now North America is outrageous.

It’s no wonder these fucking morons take pride in being homicidal hypocrites, they ARE homicidal hypocrites! Just look at a majority of them referring to the bible and jesus as all loving and all caring except when its convenient to say that god and jesus hate the same people they do because they can’t stand the idea of someone being different than them. 

Am I being a hypocrite for saying I don’t like these bible thumping bigots? NO! For one, I’ve taken the time to understand these asinine fools and after much observation and understanding, I can honestly say, these people are fucking stupid and ignorant. They want to throw the bible down as evidence that god exists, but all that tells you is you can fool a bunch of people into believing in something with the right motivation and reinforcement. By that logic Goku and Gohan are real and at some point earth blew up and was wished back by the dragon of New Namek. Not only do I have written, graphical evidence that these events happened, I have 14 seasons of a complete show showing the growth of a boy to a loving father who fought evil at it’s worse and won!

Pit this shining example of Kurt Goldstein‘s person of self-actualization against some little bitch hanging from a cross, and his gullible father who is so full of hate and so damn stupid that he lets this evil fallen angel determine what happens to his creations instead of making the evil go away, and the clear winner is Goku. All powerful, All loving my ass. Goku is more loving than this pathetic christian god. 

When it comes to being an american, I just happened to be born in the states. Nothing to be proud of. The fact that I have taken the time to understand this country and call it out for the lying piece of shit it is, You’re damn right I’m proud of thinking for myself!


One thought on “The more I learn…

  1. While a lot of this is insightful and good. When you become overtly offensive and attack Jesus, you are just being a devil’s advocate with that. If anything I’d look at the one who is supposedly their moral compass and say instead how ashamed a lot of those Christians should be. Promoting, war and destruction of what they believe to be a gift given to us. If someone gives you a gift and you destroy it why would they give you another? You have scorned them, and shown nothing but a severe self loathing to destroy everything good in the world.

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